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Helping Companies Make Informed Decisions


As firms navigate the transition from multi-user to a named-user licensing model, it is imperative that they understand how their current Autodesk technology is being leveraged in order to optimize their investment strategies moving forward. We’ve been hard at work to identify ways to gather Autodesk license usage data that will help companies make informed decisions about these technology investments.


Why FLUD - FlexLM User Dashboard?


Decide How to Move Forward

Anyone with multi-user Autodesk licenses with an Autodesk Subscription renewal after August 6th, 2023 will need to make critical decisions about how they move forward with this new licensing model.

Additional Promotions

Additional promotions are also in play when clients consider the value of Premium licenses and Three-year renewals and their added impact in the total overall mix.

Autodesk's 2 for 1 Offer

Those that have licenses that were moved from Maintenance to Subscription or ‘M2S’, will also need to determine if they take Autodesk’s 2 for 1 offer whereby one can receive 2 named user licenses for every multi-user license currently owned.

Previous Versions

Access to previous versions changes with named user license, important to get it right!

Crazy Times for Sure, But we Can Help!


The more time you have to analyze your license usage the better informed you will be when the time comes to make this transition, and this data will continue to be available, in real-time, to help you make good investments as your needs fluctuate in the future.