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What is a digital twin?


A digital twin is an environment of linked data and models that reproduce an accurate, virtual representation of real-world entities and processes. Cutting-edge technology allows for synchronization of the virtual data environment with real-world conditions in order to facilitate holistic understanding, optimal decision-making, and effective action throughout the lifecycle of those entities.

“Data is ubiquitous and has been for over two decades. Digital twin technologies are mining and conveying that under-utilized data to contextualize design, industrialize construction processes and inform owners and developers.”

 - Scott Bailey, President of MG-AEC Technology Partners

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Areas of Interest Include:

  • Predictive Analysis      
  • Facilities Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Wayfinding
  • Natural Resource Management



  • Demographic Analysis
  • Emergency Management
  • Business Analysis
  • IoT Monitoring
  • Event Security and Traffic Management




  • Planning and Development
  • Sustainability Performance
  • Asset Management



Demystifying digital twin E-book


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Demystifying Digital Twin E-Book

MG AEC Digital Twin Foundation


An MG AEC Digital Twin Foundation is an accurate, standardized, sustainable virtual model of the built environment of the project at hand.

The AEC Digital Twin Foundation forms the essential core for all predictive, operational, and historical analyses of the actual project environment.

Without the well-maintained and standardized AEC Digital Twin Foundation, it is impossible to obtain consistent analytic, operational, and predictive data across the project lifecycle. 


Key Elements of an AEC Industry Digital Twin Foundation



Geospatial Conditions


Civil Infrastructure Conditions

Built Environment

Built Environment Conditions

Why is an AEC Digital Twin Foundation Required?

  • A stable, consistent, and sustainable virtual model of the project environment is required for a successful AEC Industry Digital Twin project. At MG, we call this virtual model the Digital Twin Foundation Platform.

  • Without this key component, the overall Digital Twin is simply unable to function in a predictable way that provides the desired service to the client.


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